Luxury Photo Albums

Stunning hand made albums with a modern twist



When you choose a Luxury Photo Album and you will be showing your images in a truly unique and modern way. These Italian albums use an Ostrich feather pattern in man-made material in a choice of 3 base colours, black, red and white. The interior comes with a choice of 8 smooth modern coloured art boards, in brown, black, blue, green, pink, orange, lavender and oyster-white. This slip in page system has a smooth velvety feel and the bright colours will give your album the real wow factor. Which colours that you match is entirely up to yourself, you just need to tell me which base and page colour you desire when you come to order. The Albums are available in two square formats and two rectangle formats, prices are dependant on the size of album and the number of pages.

Album formats:

  • Square : 8.5 x 8.5″ album with 6.5 x 6.5″ slip in print size.
  • Square : 13 x 13″ album with 11 x 11″ slip in print size.
  • Rectangle: 8 x 9.5″album with 5 x7″ slip in print size.
  • Rectangle: 16 x 13″ album with 14 x 11 ” slip in print size.

The creative options are numerous and this system will give you the chance to show your photos in a very different way. A quote can be given for your creation.

The Luxury Italian Album range is exclusively hand-made and designed so every two page spread lays completely flat. A thick art board is used to stop page flexing, so no more crumpled pages, they are designed to last and enjoyed for generations. The albums are the creations of one of the world’s premier album manufacturers. For nearly 50 years the Italian company have been producing stunning designs to cater mainly for the wedding/portrait market, but also for corporate clients and presentations for the Royal Family. The albums can be supplied for any occasion, such as family events, christenings, parties, anniversaries – indeed anything where quality of presentation is required. The majority of the range is made from the very best Italian hide and finished by hand.

Some albums can be personalised with a metal stamping die which is used to stamp the album in either gold, silver, or black foil. Check before ordering whether this is possible for the album of your choice, if so there will be an extra charge for this service. I design the layout for each album individually to create the most stunning album which will stand the test of time. It can takes at least 6–8 weeks of weeks to design, supply and deliver your hand made album so please order your album in good time, especially if required for a special occasion. I will bring a selections of albums along with me so you can see the quality for yourself! Trust me they are well worth the wait!