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Studio Headshot Photography for Liverpool Author Pete Trewin

I recently met a really interesting Liverpool Author Pete Trewin who contacted me regarding his requirement for studio headshot photography. Pete wanted some headshots to be taken for the release of his new book ‘Not Without Risk’. As it’s a gritty mystery thriller, we discussed the style Pete wanted to portray and we both agreed a black background would work well.

I have shared some of the chosen photographs from the photoshoot and Pete’s kindly shared a link so you are able to read all about his new book, (please see below).  I would like to wish Pete every success with his latest novel and I’m looking forward to reading it, and I’m sure myself along with other readers will be on the edge of our seats after the great reviews Pete has received so far.

Headshot Photography- Liverpool Author Pete Trewin

Headshot Photography- Liverpool Author Pete Trewin

Headshot Photography- Liverpool Author Pete Trewin

Headshot Photography- Liverpool Author Pete Trewin

Headshot Photography- Liverpool Author Pete Trewin

Headshot Photography- Liverpool Author Pete Trewin


Pete has kindly let me share this information about his new novel:



AIA Publishing just released a new book by Liverpool author Pete Trewin. In it he draws on his background as a keen climber and as a town-planner where he met a number of dodgy and colourful characters. As the editor for AIA Publishing, I was taken by the style of the writing and the down-to-earth nature of the story. I offered him a publishing deal and was delighted when he accepted. I feel it’s a great addition to AIA Publishings titles and I hope we’ll be able to work together again in the future. Though fiction, the characters ring true and the situations they find themselves in, though dramatic, are highly believable.  It’s a book I highly recommend.

This is Pete Trewin’s third novel.


  • ‘Forrest Gump famously said life is like a box of chocolates. This book is more like a bag of licorice all-sorts – full of variety and collectively very satisfying. The novel is tight and fast-paced, knowing and sardonic, and the writing has a lightness of touch that makes the pages turn very easily. It’s a top notch, gripping little thriller by an author who is now hitting his stride.’
  • ‘The raw, gritty, in-your-face language of this street-writer-with-soul that characterised his previous two ‘Murkeyside’ crime capers, is again evident from the start in his latest murder mystery. Pete Trewin as always on the money – I really enjoyed his latest everyday tale of bent b*ggers on the make!’
  • ‘Enjoyable and gripping – this story moves at a pace and is difficult to put down. Well worth reading.’


When Martin Bennett, the backroom brains in a regeneration company charged with bringing back Merseyside’s former prosperity, sees an ex-friend murdered on a hospital escalator and discovers that the body was too hastily cremated, he feels compelled to investigate.

In order to discover the truth about the murder, he must navigate the Merseyside underworld peopled by bent solicitors and coppers, corrupt politicians and violent thugs. He forms an alliance with the mayor’s right hand woman, who is out of favour with her corrupt boss, and uncovers not only the surprising story behind the murder but also a conspiracy to carve up Merseyside’s green belt.

The journey will not be without risk. For both of them.

Website: www.petetrewin.com

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