Oxford Cambridge University Event at The Museum of Liverpool

It was a privilege to be asked to be the university event photographer for the 200 Year 9 students attending the Oxford-Cambridge Challenge Day at The Museum of Liverpool.

The university event was designed to get the students thinking about all the great things that studying at university could do for them, and over the course of the day students had an introduction to subjects that they might not have heard about before. The year 9 students were given the opportunity to rotate for twenty-minute sessions to subjects such as Archaeology, Chemistry, Classics, Computer Science, Emigration, Engineering, Geography, Latin American Studies, Oncology and Sociology.

University Event Photography Liverpool, Oxford & Cambridge Challenge Day held at The Museum of Liverpool


All of the sessions were designed around the theme of ‘Travel’. They got the chance to learn how tumours travel around the body (Oncology), or how goods make it to our shores (Geography) and even how Latin America changed the world (Latin American Studies). The day was broken into two separate parts, with a morning and afternoon session from a variety of selected schools over the Liverpool and Merseyside regions.

The event was coordinated by schools liaison officers along with academics from both St. Peter’s College Oxford and Magdalene College Cambridge, and academics from The University of Liverpool and also two great sessions from The Museum of Liverpool.

Introduction to the Oxford & Cambridge Challenge Day


All the secondary school students had consent forms signed by their parents for their photographs to be taken and used for publicity of this event. I hope you enjoy viewing the photos as much as I did taking them. I thought it was a well-organised event and such a great opportunity for year 9 students who will be starting to choose their GCSE options and making their post-16 choices.

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Oxford & Cambridge Challenge Day Event held at The Museum of Liverpool


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