Mobile Studio Photoshoot, Children's Photography

A mobile studio photoshoot in your home, school, business or event

Have you ever wanted a studio photoshoot, but didn’t want the hassle of going to a high street studio, being rushed and with the additional city parking charges. I can bring my professional mobile studio to your home, school, business or event so you can relax and have a change of outfit to hand if need be.

Mobile Studio Photoshoot, Baby Photography, Mossley Hill

Baby Photography

It’s ideal for newborns, babies, toddlers, graduates, couples and smaller families up to five people maximum, so I’m able to get a family in on my high key white professional background and white vinyl floor along with professional studio lights.

Children's Photography, South Liverpool

Children’s Photography

I’m also often asked to take my mobile studio to nurseries, schools, universities and black tie events.

Mobile Studio Photoshoot, School Photography, Liverpool, Wirral, Formby

Nursery, School and High School Photography

Family Portrait Photography, Formby

Family Portrait Photography

My mobile studio is also popular with maternity, baby and family photoshoots. I do require a clear space of 2.5 x 3.5 metres (8×11 foot) to set up the studio. I can set this up in your home quite quickly, using professional studio lights along along with a high-key white background and white flooring.

Studio Maternity Photography Liverpool

Maternity Photography

Newborn Photography South Liverpool

Newborn Photography

Over the years, I’ve been asked to go to many home’s were there is a wheelchair user or an ambulant disabled family member. They may not be able to travel far and could also be concerned whether there would be wheelchair access to a high street studio. The convenience of being in your own home and own surroundings, makes it a fun and relaxed photoshoot from the start and can be planned just as you would like it.

Disabled Family Photography

Wheelchair user and ambulant disabled family photoshoot

A mobile studio photoshoot is ideal to update your corporate business headshots, I can either set my studio up in a home office or a business environment. There’s an option for a white, grey or black background and I’ll always match a brief if supplied in advance. This ensures there’s consistancy over the whole website, to match any previous headshots taken or to give a fresh new modern look and feel to your business.

Corporate Business Headshot Photoshoot

Corporate Headshot

Business Headshot, Warrington

Business Headshot

I also offer creative headshots for actors, authors, musicians or any profession that requires photography that reflects their personality. Sometimes using a mixture of natural light or studio light or a mixture of both to meet your requirements.

Studio Actor Headshot, Liverpool

Actor Headshot

Author's Creative Headshot

Author’s Creative Headshot using a mixture of natural and studio lighting

Mobile Studio Photoshoot, Author Headshot, Crosby

Author Headshot

It’s important that visitors to your website and social media feed feel that they can talk to you when they look at your photograph. You need to communicate that you are professional and approachable. For counselling and therapy professionals, it’s also important that you look genuine and authentic. This is the atmosphere we wanted to create for a recent photoshoot using a mix of both natural light and professional studio lights for a Formby Therapist.

Therapist Headshot, Formby

Therapist Headshot

If you’d like to see the range of photography I provide, please visit my Portfolio. If you are interested in my style of photography and would like some more information, please let me know as many details as possible and the date if have one in mind in the booking form below. I will then get back to you as soon possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I look forward to hearing from you again soon, Alison


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